Event Overview

Event Background

China International Snow & Ice Forum 2017 brings to you an assembly of over 400 industry experts from the global winter sports industry to discuss the evolving role of governance, right operating models which make the most sense to enter China market, selecting right partners and ways to cooperate. During the course of the 3 day event, you will be presented with case studies, involved actively in panel discussion and diversified networking sessions. In addition, CISIF 2017 also includes new project road shows, awards ceremony, post-event site tours etc. Hope you will enjoy our entirely interactive forum and engage with peers at your level.


Industry Outlook

7 Highlights

1.New power, new stamina of global winter sports industry for the next decade;
2.Expanding right strategies into China’s winter sports industrial eco-chain under the new investment tide;
3.Unveiling the best practice from occident winter sports industry and how it can be applied to Chinese market?
4.Exploring the road to a sustainable development of small to medium sized ski resorts in China;
5.Managing the manpower and mitigating ‘talent crisis’ in Chinese winter sports industry;
6.Realizing equipment localization: selecting the right partners;
7.Diversifying the ways of ice and snow tourism marketing under the ‘mobile internet era’.

CISIF 2017 Agenda Overview



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